2022 Masters snooker LIVE: Neil Robertson defeats Anthony McGill after Mark Williams ends Yan Bingtao title defence

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We will be back at 1pm GMT on Monday with former winner John Higgins meeting UK champion Zhao Xintong in what should be an intriguing contest.

"I felt really rusty in the first few frames, perhaps too much of a break over Christmas even though I had five days of good practice," said Robertson, who will face Ronnie O'Sullivan or Jack Lisoswki in the quarter-finals. "The crowd were amazing. An Aussie playing in London when we are 3-0 up in the Ashes, I was expecting a lot worse than this," joked the Australian.

McGill needing four snookers on the colours, but he misses the black after slotting the red. This one is all over. A 6-3 victory for Robertson.

The 2010 world champion drops in the red he needs for victory. In goes the blue and Robertson is through to the last eight. Far from being at his best, but will run out a deserved winner with McGill not clinical enough. Frustrating evening for the Scotsman.

Another delightful long red by Robertson and he follows it up with a fine cut on a brown. But he again fails to find position at the key moment with three reds left up. Just the safety to follow.

Still life in this one yet as the Australian runs out of position again at key time. McGill responds with a fine snooker behind blue, but his opponent navigates the escape masterfully.

Robertson under so much pressure, but gets down to drill a long red into a top pocket. Needed to hit a red at third attempt or would forfeit the frame, but that red doesn't touch the sides. A stunning shot that might well be the match-winning pot.

Not quite last orders for McGill in this match, but some of the crowd sound like they have been enjoying a few refreshers this evening. Has certainly added to the atmosphere.

Quite incredible plant on reds by Robertson to the yellow pocket in baulk to carve out the first chance of this ninth frame.

Robertson finishes with 62 courtesy of some swashbuckling pots to move 5-3 clear. Is the end nigh for McGill? Has paid a heavy price for failing to capitalise on the numerous chances that have come his way.

Another chance comes and goes for McGill, who makes nine before missing a routine blue. Robertson leapt out of his seat. Can't believe he is back at the table so soon.

Robertson seems to be getting on with the job at hand. Much quicker in his shot selection as the break moves to 44 with the reds out in the open. Should be a 5-3 advantage coming up in the next few reds, but he then misses an easy red. Would you believe that? Not sure if that was a bad contact. Or just a bad shot.

Bit of a gruelling battle this, but Robertson looking for two more frames to set up a meeting with Ronnie O'Sullivan or Jack Lisowski in the last eight.

Superb compilation from the world number four as he pieces together a fine 57. Leads by 52 with 43 left up. Looks like a 4-3 lead despite being well below his best.

Robertson has made only one successful long pot all night. Yet he has been presented with another chance. The Australian seems keen to pick up the pace as he has been bogged down by the occasion so far perhaps.

Another 25 minutes have passed since Robertson last potted a ball as McGill rolls in red and blue only to then miss the next red. But Robertson sees a red to a middle pocket fail to drop seconds later. All very twitchy this contest. Difficult to pick a winner.

The former Indian Open champion has poured maximum effort into this contribution as the break reaches 65. Job more or less done and we are heading for 3-3 as he overcomes awkward cueing to roll in frame ball red. We are level at 3-3 with McGill concluding on 75.

Coming up for nearly two hours of playing time in this encounter. Robertson can't slot a tricky cut on a red to a middle bag and another chance falls to McGill. Hasn't been short of them tonight.

A blistering break of 94 from Robertson is both clinical and cutting to McGill, who has been profligate from leading 2-1. Has played the better snooker, but can't keep afford to keep missing chances among the balls. Vital he stems the tide in this sixth frame.

McGill presented with the chance to apply more pressure after the Australian can't pot a long red, but he then blows that opportunity as a black stays out. So many opportunities for McGill, but a lot have been passed up. Chance for Robertson to really make that miss hurt.

This match has yet to catch fire. Neither man completely in control of their respective games so far tonight as McGill picks out a long red before laying up behind the yellow.

And it is going to be 2-2. McGill should have been at least 3-1 clear, but it is 2-2 as a run of 75 gives the 21-times ranking event winner the frame. Brilliant break from Robertson after he looked completely out of sorts.

McGill misses a long red and finally Robertson has chance to compile a few points. A big visit coming up from Robertson. Will he finally find his scoring range?

Not sure Robertson is enjoying his evening so far. He hasn't potted a ball for nearly 30 minutes. All very odd as another attempt at a red stays out from Robertson. McGill will be kicking himself if he doesn't lead 3-1 at the mid-session, but McGill is out of position again seconds later as a white sticks to a red in the pack.

McGill breaks down on eight at the outset of the fourth frame, but Robertson can't sink a long red before making a mess of a safety shot seconds later. Some poor play by Robertson has gifted McGill an easy opener. Chance to score.

Seems to be a plague of flies at the Alexandra Palace. Not that McGill will notice. A break of 115 from the world number 14 for the early advantage.

Robertson's highest break of the evening so far has been 30. A very subdued effort by his high standards. McGill heading for a 2-1 lead.

Another debatable shot by Robertson leaves a red hanging over a middle pocket. McGill slots the object ball before quickly moving onto 42. Chance to win the third frame at this visit.

Robertson plays a poor safety shot, but McGill sees the white dive down a middle bag in potting the yellow. Frame going to the Melburnian as he clears the colours to level at 1-1. Scrappy frame, but we are all square.

Fine break of 43 from McGill. Lays snooker on final red that Robertson hits. Looks like this is all on the final red to see who wins the frame.

Despite a sizeable lead in the frame, Robertson has yet to settle in this match. McGill presented with the opportunity to make up some ground on the 2010 world champion as break reaches 28.

Robertson misses a black, but doesn't look like he is going to be punished as his opponent then knocks in a black playing off a red. Has left a decent scoring chance for the Australian here to restore parity at 1-1.

A fine 78 break in the first frame from McGill. Robertson seeing enough of the opening frame as he concedes. A 1-0 lead for the former World Championship semi-finalist.

Some lovely delicate shots from McGill. Would fancy himself to get the job done here after the error by Robertson. The Scotsman just needs to keep control of the cue ball and his emotions for a 1-0 lead.

Over 12 minutes without a ball being potted before Robertson fails to sink a tough plant on a red to a centre pocket. First chance to score falls to McGill.

Only second time they have faced each other over this distance with Robertson winning 6-4 in the last 16 of last season's UK Championship. Robertson of course won the tournament with a 10-9 win over Judd Trump in the final. McGill is 7-3 behind on the head-to-heads, but did enjoy a 5-3 over Robertson in the English Open last eight in 2017.

Early bout of safety in the opening exchanges of this contest. Another lively crowd inside the Alexandra Palace tonight.

Welcome back to the action with 2012 champion Neil Robertson facing Anthony McGill in the second of the first-round matches.

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Has been a memorable afternoon of snooker at Alexandra Palace. Williams was utterly ruthless with Yan excellent too when he wasn't sitting down. We'll be back before 7pm GMT with Neil Robertson facing Anthony McGill. Let us hope it is as good as the tournament opener.

Williams trailed 3-1, but won five of the final six frames to secure a meeting with John Higgins or Zhao Xintong in the quarter-finals on Thursday night. The Welshman rolled in breaks of 63, 56, 62, 67, 64, 104 and 85 with 21-year-old Yan contributing 64, 71, 57 and 122 in a magnificent start to the 48th Masters.

"It is special to beat the defending champion. Just to get to the venue at my age. It is just brilliant," said Williams, who at 46 is playing at the peak of his powers after winning the Masters in 1998 and 2003.

This has been superb from Williams. His best performance of the campaign. Back to his brilliant best. A closing break of 85 from Williams, who was utterly devastating in the key moments. "It's nice to be playing in front of a crowd," said Williams. "This is the best arena, I've ever played snooker in my life, overtaking the (Wembley) Conference Centre."

Williams misses a red twice, is warned that he must hit a red before getting down to slam home the shot of the match from distance and under extreme pressure. That was some piece of cueing. Should be frame and match here and now.

Some shot this by Williams in full flow.

A break of 40 from Williams. Can't get the desired split on the pack so a bout of tactical play to decide who gets the next chance.

Williams goes for a long red at the start of the frame, misses it but watches it plant another red to a centre pocket. Unbelievable. And he is on the green. Yan forced to digest another fluke after his opponent made a century off one in the eighth frame. Real chance for Williams to assume control of the frame and perhaps win the match.

Only two blacks and four pinks, but the second century of the match is compiled by the young Master. A total clearance of 122 from Yan and he is back to 5-4 behind. A thrilling match to open the tournament.

The defending champion makes an aggressive start to the ninth frame. Rolls in 52 without pink and black. A lot of work to keep the break tickling along, but he is not faltering so far.

Yan facing the exit door on his debut at the Alexandra Palace. Hasn't potted a ball in the past two frames. Big ask with Williams clearly in the mood to play some snooker.

And in goes the blue for the first century of the afternoon. A super 104 break from Williams and a 5-3 lead. Started with a fluke, but he potted the yellow and made the century. Deserves his luck because he has been superb.

This has been some session of snooker from Williams. Nothing is really safe on the table. Almost over the line for a 5-3 lead in the match. When he loses position, he is still able to pick out a long pot. Utterly dominant from the Welshman. Exhibition stuff.

Williams moving slickly through the gears out there. Relishing the occasion and the big crowd. A fine closing 64 to close out the seventh frame for a 4-3 lead. Looking for two more frames to complete a majestic recovery.

Williams makes 67, but misses the red he needed for the frame. Will that 67 be enough for a third straight frame and a 4-3 lead? And the answer is yes as Yan butchers an attempt at a long red. Williams takes out red and pink for a 4-3 lead.

Williams picks out another fabulous long red. Really has been right on the money with his long game today. Also, not too shabby when he can't see a pot.

So it has come down to a best-of-five frame match to decide the winner. Williams is starting to really motor out there as he finishes the frame with a classy knock of 43.

Yan picks out a pressure pink to a centre pocket as he is handed a chance to hit back in the sixth frame, but he is unfortunate not to open up the reds from potting the black. Three reds left on the table before Williams slots a magical mid-range red. And that is going to be good enough for 3-3.

A break of 62, but Williams somehow misses a brown off the spot. Didn't expect that with the frame looking in the bag. Will that be another turning point? 75 left on the table.

A stunning long red from Williams to get the party started in this sixth frame. World number eight is first to the punch as this encounter continues to warm up and is coming to the boil nicely on a chilly Sunday afternoon.

Would you believe that? Yan snookers Williams behind the black brilliantly, but the Welshman plays the one-handed shot to escape from the snooker, hits the pink perfectly with a touch of side before it drops in the yellow pocket. What a way to finish the frame. Back to 3-2 behind.

Williams produces his trademark underarm shot on the yellow. A touch of genius to hole that cut. In goes the green and brown as the break concludes on 56. Superb stuff. Yan needing one snooker on the final two colours.

It is all happening out there. Just when you think one player is on top, a few shots later and it is all change. Williams this time with a magnificent long red to set up a frame-winning chance when all looked grim.

Yan up to 12 at the outset of the fifth frame, but this time a plant on a red doesn't go according to plan. Williams can't cash in as a tricky black fails to drop. Tough shot, but will be disappointed he didn't make it.

Boys are back on the baize. Williams with work to do, but in snooker you can't really sit on a lead. Yan needs to keep up the momentum that he established before the break. Winner of this match meets the winner of John Higgins v Zhao Xintong.

Would be a special victory for the snooker GOAT over four decades. He faces Jack Lisowski on Tuesday afternoon LIVE on Eurosport (12:45pm GMT).

A break of 57 from Yan and Williams is left needing two snookers in this fourth frame. Can't sink a long red and that will be that for this frame. Could have been 4-0 to Williams at the mid-session interval, but instead it is 3-1 to the Masters holder. Yan needing three more frames to reach the quarter-finals, but this match feels far from over.

First chance falls to the three-times world champion Williams, but he can't roll in a tough black off the side cushion. Yan with just enough angle to slot a red and screw back for the black. Should be enough balls in the open for a 3-1 lead at the mid-session interval.

Can you get any closer to a red without hitting it? A bit unfortunate for Yan as he eventually lost a taut third frame.

A carefree and timely run of 63 from Williams and he is back to 2-1 behind. Every frame won so far by the counterpuncher in the tournament opener. Big frame coming up before the mid-session interval, but then again they are all big frames at the sport's most coveted invitational event.

Williams produces a brilliant long red before laying a fine snooker that sees Yan fails to escape seven times. The eighth attempt leaves the Welshman among the balls after 28 penalty points and this frame has turned on its head. Would expect him to do a 'Yan' here by clearing up to close to 2-1 behind

Williams appears to hit across the white aiming to sink a long red and has left the first scoring chance of the third frame to his young opponent. Yan hitting the ball delightfully as a plant on two reds drops, but he is out of position seconds later. End of break, and Yan immediately knocks the black up the table playing safe to help protect his lead.

A 71 clearance from Yan after the opening 64. A 2-0 lead for the young Chinese player before 2,200 fans inside the Alexandra Palace. Almost messed up on a yellow late in the frame, but the ball dropped and the Masters champion mopped up the colours to double his lead. In the race to six, Williams has work to do, but looks to be in great touch despite his early predicament.

This frame has an eerily familiar feel to it. Williams presented with a chance of a red to a baulk pocket. Tried to float it in, but the red stayed out. Yan back at the table and back in business.

Brilliant long red by Williams before piecing together a quick 37, but another tricky pot to a middle bag sees a red fail to drop. Yan again left a chance to recover ground.

A sting in the tail at the end of that first frame and the start of it.

Superb 64 clearance from Yan to punish Williams for missing the pink. Always looked like it would be costly and so it proved. 21-year-old Yan showing his class with a measured display of positional play to take the first frame.

Some fine scrambling here by Williams to keep the break going as he reaches 37, but a tricky cut on a pink to a centre pocket eludes him. Just needed that pink to set up the frame-winning break, but it stays out and Yan has a golden chance to launch the counter attack.

Interestingly enough, Yan has yet to defeat Williams in a match over a distance with the Welshman 3-0 clear on the career head-to-heads. The 9-8 win over Yan in the 2017 Northern Ireland Open final triggered a fine run of form that culminated in his third world triumph in 2018. Williams, Masters champion in 1998 and 2003, with his first chance of the day to score.

First blood to Yan comes in the form of a long red from distance into the yellow pocket. Not much is going to follow this though with the pack tightly bunched. But he rattles home a lovely long blue before playing safe.

Yan is the man in 2021

This was the moment Yan Bingtao claimed the Masters title at the Marshall Arena last year. Yan was 7-5 down to Higgins, but recovered to claim a glorious 10-8 victory.

Good afternoon one and all

The 48th year of the Masters is upon us. And we are back at the Alexandra Palace in London. It was two years ago that Stuart Bingham defeated Ali Carter 10-8 in the final at Ally Pally, a match that seems an eternity ago when you consider the problems the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown up for society and sport across the globe. Yan Bingtao edged out John Higgins 10-8 last year behind closed doors in Milton Keynes to become champion at the tender age of 20. Yan begins his defence against former champion Mark Williams this afternoon. Stay with us for updates from what should be a fine opening match.

‘Stand by tea’ – Rocket Ronnie mad for a brew with Oasis icon as part of Masters plan

It feels like half the world away. When Ronnie O’Sullivan became the youngest Masters champion at the ripe old age of 19 years and 69 days with a 9-3 win over John Higgins in February 1995, Oasis were already huge Rock ‘n’ Roll stars in Blighty courtesy of decade-defining debut album Definitely Maybe.

Later in the same year, (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? was released as the Gallagher brothers became the most priceless band to come out of the UK since Welsh actor Richard Burton handed missus Liz Taylor a Krupp Diamond in the 1960s.

Some might say otherwise, but not many of the 250,000 diehards attending Oasis' sell-out Knebworth gigs in August 1996 will argue the toss.


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