Best April Fools Day 2024 pranks

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It's that time of year again - yes, that's right April Fools Day has arrived and it has given brands and publishers the right to try and pull the wool over our eyes with elaborate and very well-produced jokes.

Last year saw the 'announcements' of a Prince Harry and Meghan Markle video game and disgraced MP Matt Hancock realising his own cheddar.

Of course, none of these were true but often a lot of the fun on April Fools is trying to spot the jokes from the real stories, which is really tricky when you work in the news.

We're happy to report that things aren't any different this year. Here are some of the best gags doing the rounds:

Recognising the unparalleled glory of a perfect pickle nestled beneath a juicy patty, Honest Burgers presents a burger that celebrates the pickle, showcasing them amongst a double smashed patty in four different ways. The Quattro Pickle-O Burger boasts a symphony of pickle flavours, featuring classic pickles, deep-fried frickles, pickle mayo, and Heinz Pickle flavour Tomato Ketchup.

PepsiCo’s newest snack ‘Extra Flamin’ Hot’ to sell milk shots alongside its spicy new snacks

Forget your deep fried Mars bar or peanut butter and jam sandwich, the latest crazy culinary combo doing the rounds? Milk and crisps. Specifically, milk and Extra Flamin’ Hot crisps.

The newest snack brand from PepsiCo, ‘Extra Flamin’ Hot’, went on sale to consumers last week amidst great fanfare. The hot new flavour, available across the Walkers MAX, Doritos and Wotsits Crunchy range, has been given ‘spicy’ reviews by some snack lovers for whom the heat has proved too much.

To douse rising temperatures, Extra Flamin’ Hot bosses have given the green light to sell milk miniatures alongside the crisps.

The ‘Not Extra Flamin’ Hot Milk’ will hit the shelves today (Monday 1st April), and will be on sale for “as long it takes for the British taste buds to mature to the spicy new favour”, said Dalila FopsRoy, ‘Extra Flamin’ Hot’s’, Head of Brand Innovation.

The decision to “move into milk” is not a knee jerk reaction, said FopsRoy. “We’ve examined the data and there are certain parts of the country that, to put it lightly, can’t take the heat.”

‘Extra Flamin’ Hot’ has taken the unprecedented step to release proprietary data in the form of a ‘Heat, heat map’, showing those parts of the country that can, and can’t, handle the heat of the spicy new snack.

The new research released today reveals that Glaswegians are the biggest lovers of spice in the UK, with two thirds (67 per cent) claiming to either like or love spicy food, while those in Belfast like it the least. Just under half (44 per cent) said they either liked or loved spice, while over a third 34% said they either disliked or hated it.

And, it’s the Scots who also come out on top when it comes to how they physically react to the burn. According to the data, it is in fact Edinburgh that has the greatest tolerance to heat, while just over half (54 per cent) of the spicy residents of Aberdeen said it was ‘the physical reaction I get from eating spicy food that gives the most pleasure’. Saucy.

With its spice neutralising properties, milk was chosen as a product antidote to the heat of ‘Extra Flamin’ Hot’ crisps. “Milk contains a protein called casein, which can break down capsaicin in the same way that soap cuts through grease”, said Dr Paolo Salify, ‘Extra Flamin’ Hot’s’ Director of Heat Transference.

Dr Salify continued: “We have been considering a milk miniature to sell alongside ‘Extra Flamin’ Hot Wotsits Crunchy, Doritos and Walkers MAX for some time. With the arrival of this new data, we decided to expedite that decision and get it on the shelves to help cool the burn Brits are reporting as quickly as possible.

‘Not Extra Flamin’ Hot Milk’ will go on sale initially in Belfast, where 41 per cent have either a low, no, tolerance to spicy food. A nationwide rollout is expected to come in the coming days and weeks, with the most heat intolerant parts of the UK being prioritised.

This Easter, Dulux is sweetening up the paint game by introducing a Scratch & Sniff paint collection inspired by food and drink favourites.

With salivating shades such as Chocolate Sprinkles, Hazelnut Truffle, Cookie Dough, and Caramel Cream, it only takes two hours for the paint to dry and the scent to appear.

With Dulux's revolutionary ‘Scratch & Sniff’ collection, you can experience these delectable scents before even cracking open a paint can by picking up one of the paint cards to help decide whether you’d like your home to smell sweet like honey or like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. So, whether you're redecorating your kitchen, bedroom, or even your bathroom, now every room can be a sensory spectacle.

Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Dulux, explains: "It was a no-brainer with so many of our colours being inspired by popular foods and flavours – probably down to us choosing colour names in the lead up to lunch!

“Our goal is to push the boundaries and create products that not only beautify homes but also enhance the overall sensory experience. With our ‘Scratch & Sniff’ collection, we're bringing a whole new level of indulgence to interior design. It's like giving your walls a delicious makeover, some may think it’s too good to be true!"

So, this Easter, why not treat yourself to a little sensory indulgence? Transform your home with Dulux sweet-scented paints and fill every room with the irresistible smells of the chocolate occasion. Followers of the Dulux Instagram, TikTok and X channels will be the first to see Scratch & Sniff collection in action, launching on 1st April 2024.

For more colour and decorating information, visit the Dulux Website.

East Midlands’ favourite Birds Bakery, has launched a brand new product, specifically designed for left-handed customers.

The bakery’s new left-handed sausage cob will soon enter stores across the region, making sure that every customer feels included and catered for.

Realising that there are few products out there specifically for left-handed people, Birds Bakery decided they didn’t want any customer to feel they couldn’t experience the savoury and sweet treats that are freshly made everyday.

Commenting on the new product launch, a spokesperson at Birds Bakery said: “Looking at the bakery market and our own ranges, we saw that some of our products weren’t as user friendly as they could be, the sausage cob being the main one. After gathering feedback from our customers, we decided to introduce the left-handed sausage cob, meaning everyone has the chance to enjoy one of our most popular products without risk of dropping their sausage.”

Birds Bakery worked with local hand-eye coordination specialist, Amber Dextrous, when adapting the product. Amber added: “Over my career I have worked with many left-handed people who have struggled to find everyday items they can use, and this doesn’t stop when it comes to food. Using cutlery, operating appliances and now handling and eating actual food are issues they face constantly so it’s important for us to help ease this stress as much as we can.

“Birds is paving the way for other leading bakeries by introducing their new left-handed sausage cobs and we hope further products are adapted to meet different needs, so everyone can enjoy a treat.”

Birds Bakery has 61 stores across the region including in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester City Centres. Many Birds products can also be ordered online and delivered to customers’ homes using the Birds By Post service.

Purplebricks launches AI-powered ‘BS detector’ app to alert house-hunters every time estate agents bend the truth

Purplebricks is set to revolutionise the house-hunting experience by launching an AI-powered phone app to help buyers call out untrustworthy high street estate agents.

The new ‘BS detector’ app will ‘bleep’ every time a high street estate agent does or says something questionable – acting like a lie detector in the palm of their hand.

Britain’s biggest online estate agent has used its own customer response data and market information to power the AI algorithms in the app, which listen out for key vocal cues.

Sentence structure, phrases, tone and pauses in speech are among dozens of tiny indicators that can be spotted by the app, which was developed using lie detector technology.

Claims provided by the high street agent will also be matched against the seller’s information about the property, and the latest market figures relating prices and trends.

When a combination of suspicious speech patterns is detected, the app will advise the user to take one of four actions:
• Repeat – request the estate agent repeat their statement more clearly
• Require – request the estate agent provides information to back-up their statement.

In the most extreme cases, when the app is triggered multiple times, the prospective buyer will be advised to seek out another agent.

It comes as a Purplebricks’ study reveals a quarter of buyers (26%) and nearly a third of sellers (29%) found dealing with high street estate agents to be the most frustrating thing about the house-buying process.

The poll of more than 2,000 adults also found buyers’ biggest bugbear was the “availability of the right property” (39%) while “time-wasters” annoyed sellers the most (69%).

Purplebricks CEO Sam Mitchell said: “It’s time to call ‘BS’ on some of the sneaky tactics used by high street estate agents across the UK.

“We are incredibly proud to bring this vital and game-changing new app to the market – putting real power in the hands of house hunters”.

Today, modern Italian food brand Crosta & Mollica unveils a major rebrand as it announces a name refresh to Crust & Crumb, the direct English translation of Crosta & Mollica.

The name change follows the brand’s disappointment with consumers' continuous tongue twisting attempts to pronounce its Italian name. Instead, Brits are commonly referring to the brand as ‘the one with the stripy packaging’, as a result of the brand’s eye-catching black and white striped designs across its popular Italian range of pizzas, Aperitivo snacks, frozen desserts and much more.

Crosta & Mollica has had no choice but to simplify matters and embrace a new name that rolls off the public’s tongue with ease, alleviating Brits’ common hesitation around unfamiliar pronunciations and puzzled looks across the dining table.

Dean Lavender, Marketing Director comments: “Here at Crosta & Mollica we’re proud to be a brand that is made in Italy, using Italian ingredients and as such have a beautiful Italian name. But after years of listening to pizza lovers in the UK fumble over an attempted pronunciation or simply refer to us as ‘the stripy brand’, it’s time for a change.”

“Today we announce that we are officially rebranding. You can now call us ‘Crust & Crumb’, the direct English translation of Crosta & Mollica. We hope supermarket shoppers will now be able to pronounce their favourite pizza brand, without hesitation. ”

The brand rename, Crust & Crumb, will come into immediate effect from 1st April 2024, rolling out across all international retailers. All foodie enthusiasts can finally talk about their favourite Italian serves, without stumbling over syllables.

The chippy tea has met its perfect match as soft drinks and mixers brand, Fentimans, launch its very first sauce made from fish and chip staple soft drink – Dandelion & Burdock.

The launch of the limited-edition D&B sauce comes following research by Fentimans which found that Dandelion & Burdock is among the top 10 big, bold flavours loved by Brits across the UK.

The sauce, which has arrived just in time for trips to the beach this summer, is packed full of flavour, characterised by the notes of sarsaparilla and herbal infusions usually found in the much-loved soft drink.

Dandelion and Burdock has been enjoyed alongside a fish and chip supper for many Brits across the country for decades, making this brand-new sauce perfect for those who like to make their chippy tea a little more interesting with the addition of big, bold flavours.

Jayne Andrews from Fentimans said: “The nation has spoken - our survey revealed Dandelion & Burdock is right up there in the top 10 of big, bold flavours in the UK, so we knew we needed give the public more of what they love this Bank Holiday. For everyone who enjoys a punchy Dandelion and Burdock soft drink with their chippy tea, this new D&B Sauce will hit the spot – sweet, tangy, and full of Northern charm!”

For more details on this brand-new sauce, head to Fentimans Instagram page before 12pm on 1st April - @fentimansltd

Burns Pet Nutrition today announced it has partnered with The Garfield Movie, which hits UK cinemas nationwide on May 24.

To announce the partnership, Burns “launched” a new product today – Cheesy Lasagne, the loveable but lazy tabby cat’s favourite dish.

The recipe contains pet-friendly cheese, delicious and nutritious mince laying between luscious layers of tasty pasta. This new recipe is deemed suitable for both cats and dogs. However, it is of course an April Fool’s joke.

Media and influencers were sent mock-ups of the product, and Burns’ Instagram brand reps were also in on the joke posting across their social channels.

This launch campaign is just the start of a wider collaboration between Burns Pet Nutrition and The Garfield Movie. It will be backed by a national marketing campaign including in-store POS, ATL national newspaper ads, social media spend, digital marketing, PR and social media influencer activations. The promotional campaign with Burns Pet Nutrition will run on-pack, on the Burns website and in independent pet retailers.

Of the new collaboration with Sony Pictures, Kate Johnston, Head of Marketing at Burns Pet Nutrition commented: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Garfield. Cats and dogs are the heart of our brand, and we couldn’t think of a better ginger fluffball to work with.

"We know Garfield has a love of human food and whilst we’d never encourage people to feed their pets lasagne, we thought it would be fun to announce our partnership and celebrate Garfield’s love of food with a April Fools stunt. So sadly this product isn’t available for retailers, but we do have lots of healthy and tasty products for both cats and dogs..”

Neilson set to open a new beach club in Greece that is exclusively for kids, run by kids

Ever wondered what a holiday without your parents would look like? Well, for the first time ever, this June, the UK’s leading overseas active holiday company Neilson Beach Clubs will open a brand new destination - Neilson Nippa Beach Club - and the new holiday location in Greece will only be available to book by kids.

The management and running of Neilson Nippa Beach Club will be entirely handed over to kids - from the activity managers, ground staff and even the head chef - because who knows more what kids want, than kids themselves!

Shiloh Forson, Neilson Nippa Beach Club Manager (aged 9) said: ‘It’s time we [kids] stood up for ourselves, forget bedtime routines and adults stopping all the fun... We're finally taking charge.

Ahead of the opening of the Nippa Beach Club, we have already seen an influx of kids across the UK contacting us to be the first to visit – from mini solo-travellers, or kids looking for a fun sportcation – they all want to try out our ultimate summer holiday experience.”

From sweets on arrival, to the strict no-rules policy, at Neilson Nippa Beach Club kids will find everything they love, or ever dreamed of, all in one magical place. From secret hideouts, zip lines and water fights in the swimming pool, there is something for everyone.

The Neilson Nippa Beach Club has also been endorsed by the brand’s very own Good Energy Officer, Fred Sirieix (aged 52), who commented: “Shiloh has everything covered and I have every faith she and the mini team will run the Neilson Nippa Beach Club with ease. After many months of planning and sharing my expertise, I’m really excited to hear feedback from our first round of guests – sweets for breakfast, what could be better!?”

Inspired by research carried out by Neilson Beach Clubs which revealed 94 per cent of kids wanted to go on holiday without their parents, young guests can spend their days playing games, being active and making new friends, all without their parents cramping their style.

When it comes to food, Neilson Nippa Beach Club has got it covered. 9-year-old aspiring foodie, April Wool, has been appointed Head Chef at the new Beach Club and oversees what's on the menu. Young guests can choose from a variety of tasty treats and snacks, and at night, kids can cosy up in their very own bunk bedrooms, with no bedtime rules to hold them back.

There will be plenty of games to enjoy at the all-activity inclusive destination too. Capture the flag, dodgeball and kickball are just a few of the favourites, and when it gets hot outside, water activities are a sure way to cool things down. Slip and slides and water balloon fights are all exclusive to this new destination.

But that's not all - Neilson Nippa Beach Club will also offer arts and crafts, talent shows, and even give kids a chance to star in their very own movie! With so many activities to choose from, every child is sure to find something they love.

This is a place where anything is possible, where children can let their imaginations soar and create memories that will last a lifetime. So why wait? Sign up here today and let your child experience the magic of Neilson Nippa Beach Club – launching June 15.

David Taylor (aged 54), CEO at Neilson Beach Club said,“We pride ourselves on being able to offer inclusive and fun Kids Clubs - where our younger guests never get bored children never get bored!

"However, we recognise that adults may not always bring the fun to mini holidaymakers once the Kids Clubs close for the day! To prolong the Good Energy vibes, we're excited and proud to be opening Nippa Beach Club, not only to make the enjoyment last longer for kids, but to bring Neilson to the next generation. Plus, we're looking forward to putting our feet up and handing over the keys to our Beach Club Manager, Shiloh."

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