Doja Cat's unique 2024 Met Gala look explained

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Why Doja Cat Wore A Wet T-shirt To The Met Gala

Here's why Doja Cat wore a towel and a wet t-shirt to the Met Gala 2024 and how it was exactly on theme.

We've learnt to expect the unexpected when it comes to Doja Cat, but at the Met Gala 2024 she took her shock factor to another level.

The theme of this year's gala was 'Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening fashion' and the dress code was 'Garden of Time', with Doja anticipating lots of flowers on the red carpet she decided to do something she knew no one else would.
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In the days leading up to the Met, Doja was seen out and about, with the creative director of luxury fashion brand Vetements, Guram Gvasalia, in some peculiar outfits Not as odd as Kim Kardashian's Met Gala cardigan, but not quite fitting the theme either.

First she was seen in a clingfilm two piece, then she wore a bed sheet as a dress and she even stepped out in a plastic bag. It was all pretty bizarre but seems to have been the opening credits to her Met look.

Doja has been taking essential items and turning them into fashion, and she did the same when it came to her Met outfit, but with a really interesting reason for it.

Making her way to the event, Doja was seen wearing a plain white towel - which most people thought was going to be her final Met look. However when she arrived on the red carpet she was wearing this floor length white t-shirt that looked drenched in water.

Stood next to the likes of Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney, who were draped in haute couture gowns, Doja's unique look naturally stood out.

But speaking to Entertainment Tonight the 'Paint The Town Red' singer gave a brilliant explanation for her shock look. She said: "I know that people were going to do flowers but my flower of choice is the most used flower and it's cotton and so I wanted to do a white t-shirt also because a white T-shirt is timeless.

"It felt very poetic to chose this and I knew I wasn't going to blend in too much and I don't really like to blend in, so we went with this."

Of course Doja's towel look also reflects the cotton theme, and needless to say a white towel is timeless too.

As expected Doja's look was completely Vetements since she had been spending so much time with the brand's creative director Guram in the days leading up to the event.

Despite her and Guram looking extremely close, even on the red carpet and at the after party, it's not known whether they are dating or just have a really close working relationship.

On her Instagram the rapper dubbed the look 'Vetements Wetements'. Speaking to ET she revealed that the secret to the wet-look was in fact hair gel.

Fans were divided by the look and Doja's reasoning with many pointing to the fact that cotton is technically a plant. But cotton does come from the Gossypium flower, so she's not really wrong to reference it as a flower.

One fan wrote on X, formerly Twitter: "The theme is sleeping beauties timeless fashion. What's better to sleep in than a white tee, tears streaking down your face, eating ice cream, watching your favourite movie on a Monday night? DOJA THE ICON YOU ARE"

That comment just proves exactly what fashion is, it's subjective. So whether or not you want to take Doja's explanation or come up with your own conclusion, the look served it's purpose because we are talking about it.

Doja says she doesn't like to blend in, and she never does. At last year's met celebrating the late designer Karl Lagerfeld she transformed herself into a cat, paying homage to his famous cat Choupette.

And we can't forget when she bejewelled herself head-to-toe in red crystals and sported a stunning Schiaparelli dress for Paris fashion week.

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