Happy Mother's Day? In Texas, more like heartbreaking. | Letters to the Editor

by 24britishtvMay 12, 2024, 3 p.m. 21

If you were pregnant this year and had the misfortune of having severe health complications, and had to wait for care until sepsis took over your body and destroyed your ability to have future pregnancies, or if you're an OBGYN and had to choose between what your profession considers to be evidence-based medicine or getting sued and going to jail, I won’t wish you "Happy Mother’s Day.”

If you stay awake with the knowledge that statistically your LGBTQ child is at higher risk of attempting suicide, and transition-related health care, which is known to improve mental health, is banned, I won’t pretend this day exists to “honor” you.

If your child attended Robb Elementary, or if you dared to go shopping for a Mother’s Day gift on a sunny afternoon in Allen last year, I'll spare you the platitudes. What this day really is in Texas: heartbreaking.

Paxton again shows us his values by

Ken Paxton, who was impeached for allegedly misusing resources of the Attorney General’s office to protect an adulterous relationship, again showed his values. He attended Trump’s trial in New York, where the former president is accused of fraudulently reporting hush money payments as corporate expenses. Who better to show up in support of an adulterer than a fellow adulterer?

We can help migratory birds

by turning out the lights, Texas

As we sleep, millions of birds are passing over. With migration under way, we can help these high flyers reach their summer nesting grounds.

The Lights Out, Texas! campaign urges turning off nonessential lights—from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.—from March to June and during fall migration, August to November. Essential outside lights should face the ground and be shielded. Motion sensors minimize use.

Migrating birds need dark skies to navigate because they rely on stars. Their journey can stretch thousands of miles, from as far away as South America. City lights disorient birds, leaving them confused. Because birds are attracted to illuminated windows, up to 1 billion die yearly colliding with manmade structures.

Travis Audubon asks homeowners to douse outside lights, and for commercial buildings to reduce lighting and adopt bird-friendly designs so reflective windows and glass walkways aren’t fatal to passing birds.

Equal and fair treatment for all,

The recent loss of Hispanic workers on the Baltimore Bridge stirred past thoughts of our family loss in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Many Americans hold negative feelings and impressions of Hispanic immigrants. But if not for the hard work of Hispanics who came to New Orleans to help rebuild after the storm, we would not have recovered from the disaster to where the city is now.

Some Americans claim to be pro-life, yet some lives are viewed as dispensable. Companies do not have safety and health measures in place for minorities and immigrants. I remember watching Hispanic workers stripping the lead paint from public school windows without adequate protection.

We should demand equal and fair treatment of all, whether they be citizens or immigrants.

Watching Donald Trump repeatedly violate Judge Merchan’s gag order reminds me of a bratty schoolboy continually mocking the teacher and refusing to follow the rules because his rich father is chairman of the school board.

Since Trump seems to be goading the judge into sending him to prison so he can cry about how unfairly he's being treated, simply because he paid off a porn star while his wife was home with a newborn.

I think Judge Merchan should call Trump's bluff and treat him like any teacher would treat a lying, 77-year-old bully; by making him take a time out and forcing him to sit in the corner for the remainder of the trial.

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