What's happened in BBC drama Guilt so far as new season starts tonight

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Fans of BBC Scotland’s Guilt will be delighted to learn it is back, and the next series is as dramatic as the first.

But maybe you need a refresher on what happened last time?

What happened in series one

In a residential street in Edinburgh, two disparate brothers, high-flying lawyer Max (Mark Bonnar) and record shop owner Jake (Jamie Sives) accidentally run down an old man, Walter, on their way home from a wedding. Uninsured and under the influence, Jake wants to call the police but is persuaded by Max to cover up their deathly deed.

They leave Walter in his home and hope for the best. But they are forced to attend his wake because Jake let his wallet at the house.

Jake hits it off with Walter’s niece from America – Angie, his only remaining family, and Max thinks this will distract her from the details. He tells her they know each other through Jake’s music store and his own trumpet playing.

However, their hopes that the death will be passed off as natural causes are dashed when she begin to suspect Walter’s death wasn’t as innocent as it seems.

Angie begins to ask questions about Walter’s bruising, and Jake suggests she go to Max, who is a lawyer, for help. Max tells her the police didn’t find anything out of the ordinary and she seems fine, temporarily.

Max’s wife Claire, thinking he is having an affair, turns up at Walter’s house. To avoid embarrassment Angie invites her out for dinner. But Claire invalidates their lie, telling Angie that Max is tone deaf.

Angie still feels something is wrong, and Max goes to an old friend of his to ‘help’. Private investigator Kenny, who is an alcoholic, is persuaded to help, but Max doesn’t think he will find anything

In the meantime, Jake and Angie continue to see one another. But he comes across a stack of old pictures, and the niece doesn’t look like Angie.

The brothers also discover a neighbour has a camera outside.

Kenny goes to the house sober, and detects paint, which might be car paint, on Walter’s trouser legs and takes it for testing.

Things spiral out of control further when another neighbour confirms to Max that she saw the whole thing.

Despite Max’s attempts to get Kenny back on the bottle, he stays sober and Angie decides to stay in the UK until this is sorted out.

Jake questions Angie about the old pictures, but she says she has just changed.

The neighbour, Sheila, says she saw them kill Walter with their car, and she demands £20,000 to keep quiet.

Despite some deliberating, Max refuses, and pays someone at the lab to ‘lose’ the paint sample.

He sacks Kenny, citing his ineptitude, but the investigator doesn’t give up. He finds the neighbour with the camera, and persuades him to show him the footage.

Shelia comes back, and has left a package at Max’s office – a DVD with footage of him and Jake carrying Walter.

Max skips a date with his wife, who is being wooed by a woman in her fitness class, to get the blackmail money from a dodgy character.

Kenny now knows Max was involved in the death, and knows where he got the blackmail money from.

Jake finds a matchbook from a pub called The Highlander, and upon looking it up finds a photo of Angie behind the bar, with someone who looks like Shiela.

The first episode ends when Angie knocks on Shiela’s door and asks her what she did. Shiela replies what ‘we’ did.

We learn that Walter had left Shiela everything in his will, apart from a record collection for his American niece. The will cannot be fulfilled until the niece comes to visit, so Shiela goes to a friend’s pub to ask the American barmaid to impersonate Angie.

Shiela tells Angie that she had been paying for Walter’s care and used her house as a downpayment. The barmaid sees through this but agrees to do it for double the price.

After discovering a few more facts about how Shiela treated Walter, Angie goes to Shiela and says she wants the money as she doesn’t trust her. Shiela threatens to blackmail her as she impersonated the niece.

Jake confronts Angie about the pictures, but she explains it away. He wants her to stay and be with him, but she says they can’t afford it – especially as he doesn’t control his record store’s finances.

The next time his accountant appear Jake refuses to sign the papers, instead asking to see the full picture of what has been going on.

Max tries to convince Jake not to look as he will want plausible deniability, but he insists.

In the meantime, private investigator Kenny is asking mechanics near Max’s house for evidence he was one of the men in the video. He confronts Max, who laughs it off, but Kenny has the evidence. He wants t straighten his life out, and to do so he can either turn Max in or become one of Max’s law firm partners. He also warns Max not to use the moneylenders he is involve in as they are dangerous.

Soon after, Max is blocked in by another car and told to follow them. Kenny follows at a distance and they pull up to the docks. Max’s moneylender gets out with another man, who Max sees is local gangster Roy Lynch.

Roy warns Max not to get in the way of the record shop, which is being used to launder money. A thug finds Kenny and beats him up.

Max and Jake meet at their mother’s grave. Jake thought Max had bought him the record store to apologise for messing up his big break in music, but now he realises what is going on. Max says he started the law firm in the recession and got into trouble, and asks Jake not to walk away – he does.

Kenny is in hospital, and he is visited by two police officers, one of whom it turns out is the accountant that Jake was dealing with and works for Roy. He returns without his partner, but Max is there.

Max tells Roy he tried to get Jake to play ball. Jake goes to meet Angie, but is bundled into a van on the way.

Meanwhile, Max’s wife Claire sees the woman from her fitness class Tina, who asks her to stay with her. When Tina returns home Roy is there, and she begs him not to involve Claire

Tina is also at the moneylender’s when Max shows up to ask Roy where Jake is, but Roy says he doesn’t know. Max leaves and is followed, but he gets away. He goes to a room in a bar where Jake is being held – Max had him kidnapped for his own safety.

Max tells Jake that the store has been a front for money laundering, and Kenny shows up with a bruised face, showing Jake this is serious.

Max wants t contact whoever is above Roy, and appeal to them, and Jake agrees, but demands enough cash to start a new life after.

Kenny goes through the corrupt policeman who he had recognised to get to the boss.

The boss doesn’t explicitly agree, but Max tells Jake it has all been sorted, and tells Kenny to stay as an employee, not an equal.

Meanwhile, Angie refuses to leave town when Shiela had told her to because the real niece as found out about Walter’s death. Walter’s lawyer has reported the issue to the police, and Shiela tells Angie that Jake was involved in the hit and run.

She confronts Jake and says she is leaving.

Tina also says she is leaving and tells Claire to join her. She confesses that she works for Roy and says mention his name to Max and see the reaction. When Clare does so, she realises it is true and tells Tina she is leaving.

Tina and Claire are making their escape, but they need money to Tina goes to Roy’s and is taken away. Claire goes in to find Roy and the moneylender, who say they have no idea who she is. Tina texts that she is sorry.

Roy also interfere’s with Jake’s record store, and it mysteriously burns down – but they don’t have insurance.

Max’s practice also goes under and he finds Roy and some thugs waiting for him there. It turns out the boss didn’t like the plan afterall.

Max refuses to sign some paperwork, and they break his nose.

Angie and Jake reconcile and confess their respective crimes. She asks him to leave with her and she agrees.

She is taken in by the police, and confesses to impersonating Angie. Max, acting as her lawyer, is concerned to learn that the real Agie is having Walter exhumed.

Meanwhile, Kenny tries to persuade Jake to pin the blame on Max, but he refuses out of loyalty to his brother.

Max tells Ange he will sort everything and to fly out as soon as possible. He apologises to Jake and promises to send him money.

Max goes to Sheila, and confronts her. He thinks a toxicology report will show she has incorrectly medicated him. He says he will pin it all on Jake with her help.

But Angie suspected Max was going to Sheila, so she and Jake got there and heard the whole thing.

Claire throws Max out, threatening him with Roy.

Max goes to meet Jake, who says they should have called the police. Max hugs him and apologises, and the police arrive to take him away.

What should we expect from series 2?

Series two of Guilt carries on from the 2019 finale of this critically acclaimed series.

The BBC synopsis says: “In an Edinburgh cellar, two gunshots ring out. Across town, Max McCall is released from prison. These two events gradually come together as Max tries to rebuild his life, and new arrival Erin tries to save hers.

“When Roy Lynch rebuffs Max’s efforts at a reconciliation, Max turns to Kenny for help – despite their troubled history. However, this is a newly confident Kenny, with a budding new relationship, and he provides Max with a tougher challenge than expected.

“To help his daughter, Roy finally turns to Max and Kenny and forces them to help him. It appears that Max’s fall from grace is complete – but he has a secret motivation to reveal.”

When is Guilt on?

It depends where you live. In Scotland, the four parter is airs on Tuesdays at 10pm on BBC Scotland, from 12 October.

In the rest of the UK it airs on Thursdays at 9pm on BBC Two, from 14 October.

All four episodes are available from BBC iPlayer now.


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