Are Brianna Ghey’s killers evil? | LBC

by 24britishtvFeb. 4, 2024, 12:50 a.m. 25

The ‘warped' killers of 16-year-old transgender teen Brianna Ghey were named and pictured for the first time as Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe. Jenkinson, 16, was sentenced to a minimum of 22 years for the ‘sadistic’ murder of Brianna, alongside Ratcliffe, 16, who was given a 20-year-term. Matthew Wright, his callers and guests discuss whether Brianna’s killers are evil and whether such a term is useful. 00:01: Jim Gamble from the INEQE Safeguarding Group says the pair committed ‘monstrous’ acts 01:28: Caller Jonny tells Matthew about his own experience of ‘purely evil’ people in prison 04:24: Caller Susan discusses how to determine whether someone is truly evil 07:51: Trans Activist Jenny-Anne Bishop assesses the brutality of Brianna’s murder Listen to the full show on Global Player: #matthewwright #BriannaGhey #crime #LBC LBC is the home of live debate around news and current affairs in the UK. Join in the conversation and listen at Sign up to LBC’s weekly newsletter here:


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