Cameron welcomes Israeli promise to investigate killing of Gaza aid workers

by 24britishtvApril 3, 2024, 12:50 p.m. 27

Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton welcomed a promise from Israel to investigate the strike that killed seven aid workers in Gaza. As he arrived at a Nato summit in Brussels he said: “I welcome what the Israeli foreign minister said yesterday to me about a full, urgent and transparent inquiry into how this dreadful event was allowed to happen, and we want to see that happen very quickly. “I also welcome the fact he spoke about much more aid getting into Gaza, up to 500 trucks a day. That is essential, we have been promised these things before and it really needs to happen, including longer opening times at the vital crossing points. “But, of course, the extra aid won’t work unless there is proper deconfliction, unless aid can be taken around Gaza and we avoid the dreadful incidents like we have seen in the last couple of days. That is vital and Britain will be watching very closely to make sure that that happens.” Read the best of our journalism: Subscribe to The Times and The Sunday Times YouTube channel: Find us on Facebook: Find us on Twitter: Find us on Instagram:


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