"Deeply Concerning!" | Government Report Finds Free Speech ‘Threatened’ By Harassment & Censorship

by 24britishtvMarch 25, 2024, 1:50 p.m. 21

Free speech is being threatened by a “dangerous climate of harassment and censorship,” a senior Government adviser has warned. Dame Sara Khan identified the rise of “freedom-restricting harassment” in a report highlighting threats to the UK’s social cohesion, saying that not just politicians but also individuals were being subjected to rape and death threats, abuse and hatred to silence them and prevent them from expressing their views. The independent social cohesion adviser said those targeted included teachers, police officers, local councillors, civil society activists, journalists and those working in the arts. Her findings come amid growing concerns for politicians’ safety amid rising abuse over the Israel-Hamas conflict, with MPs being given bodyguards for protection. TalkTV's Peter Cardwell is joined by Dame Khan who discusses her report into free speech in Britain. #freespeech #censorship #government #harrassment Click here for more from TalkTV https://talk.tv If you need any help visit: https://talk.tv/helplines


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