“Does anybody still support this Israeli government?” Ben Kentish asks | LBC

by 24britishtvMarch 26, 2024, 1:50 a.m. 27

“The goodwill has evaporated...It’s long overdue that Netanyahu went.” For the first time, the UN has passed a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. This has infuriated Benjamin Netanyahu and his Israeli government, who feel betrayed by the United States. Their closest ally abstained on the motion, rather than vetoing it. As a consequence, the Israeli Prime Minister cancelled a delegation to Washington. Is his time as Prime Minister now up? Does anyone still support his government and their actions? Ben Kentish ruminates and hears from Middle East expert Alistair Burt. 04:12 “It’s not an irrelevant signal by the US.” Alistair Burt, former Middle East minister joins Ben Kentish Listen to the full show on Global Player: https://app.af.globalplayer.com/Br0x/LBCYouTubeListenLive #benkentish #palestine #gaza #israel #LBC LBC is the home of live debate around news and current affairs in the UK. Join in the conversation and listen at https://www.lbc.co.uk/ Sign up to LBC’s weekly newsletter here: https://l-bc.co/signup


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