Europe farmers continue EU protests | BBC News

by 24britishtvFeb. 10, 2024, 7:50 a.m. 25

Thousands of farmers across Europe have ramped up protests against EU measures and rising prices, with roads blocked in Poland, Hungary, Spain, and Belgium. In western Poland some 1,400 tractors took part in a protest in Poznan and roads were blocked across the country, while in Spain, farmers cut off traffic hoping to enter cities including Toledo and Zaragoza for the fourth day in a row. Many of the farmers bore banners saying no to the EU's Green Deal, aimed at bringing down greenhouse gas emissions. Farmers in Poland and Hungary are also complaining that the European Union is not doing enough to halt cheap imports from Ukraine undercutting local produce. They want the EU to restore a requirement on Ukrainian truckers to obtain a permit to work across the 27 member states. Subscribe here: For more news, analysis and features visit: #BBCNews


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