James O'Brien on why "no one can still support Israel" | LBC

by 24britishtvApril 3, 2024, 11:50 a.m. 22

The IDF has apologised for making a ‘grave mistake’ after seven aid workers were killed in an Israeli airstrike on Monday. Among the seven aid workers killed, three were from the UK. They've been named as former Royal Marines James (Jim) Henderson, 33, John Chapman, 57, as well as ex-soldier James Kirby, 47. The workers were killed while travelling in marked vehicles as part of the World Central Kitchen's (WCK) charity convoy on Gaza’s coastal road in Deir Balah, central Gaza. James O'Brien gives his take on the situation and concludes that "you can no longer pretend not to believe that everybody in Gaza is a target." Listen to the full show on Global Player: https://app.af.globalplayer.com/Br0x/LBCYouTubeListenLive #JamesOBrien #Israel #Gaza #Palestine #IDF #War #USA #UK #LBC LBC is the home of live debate around news and current affairs in the UK. Join in the conversation and listen at https://www.lbc.co.uk/ Sign up to LBC’s weekly newsletter here: https://l-bc.co/signup


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