"We Are SCREWED" | Tories Set To Face Wipeout In General Election

by 24britishtvMarch 31, 2024, 11:50 a.m. 21

A significant poll suggests that the Conservatives might win fewer than 100 seats in the upcoming general election, marking the party's worst result in history. The survey, based on responses from 15,000 individuals, forecasts that the Tories could secure victory in only 98 constituencies in England, facing complete defeat in Scotland and Wales. Meanwhile, Labour is projected to potentially win a landslide victory with 468 seats, according to the study conducted by Survation. According to the survey, Labour holds a commanding lead with 45% support, while the Tories lag behind by 19 points at 26%. Other predictions include the Scottish National Party winning 41 seats, the Liberal Democrats securing 22, and Plaid Cymru gaining two seats. In the previous 2019 election, the Conservatives held 365 seats, Labour had 203, the SNP secured 48, the Lib Dems had 11, and Plaid held four seats. There's also speculation that the Prime Minister could lose his own constituency, the new Richmond and Northallerton seat in North Yorkshire, with only a narrow lead of 2.4% over Labour. Cristo speaks with TalkTV viewer Roger in London. #news #breakingnews #politics #uk #government #talktv #talkradio


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